Here is a curated list of tools and resources available to web3 writers and content creators.

Grants & Funding

Headline House
Headline is an experiment in decentralized journalism. We are creating a Nounish Media DAO to fund crypto journalists. Whereas Nouns focused attention + ETH around the ⌐◨-◨, we aim to focus attention + ETH around the creation of crypto journalism.

Publishing (Books)

Alexandria Labs  (Twitter)
Read, browse, and publish web3 ebooks. Alexandria books can never be taken down. They’re accessible globally. Mark them up, send them to friends, and save them for the next generation.  (Twitter)
A Web3 marketplace for buying, reading, and selling eBooks and Audiobooks.

NFTBook Bazaar  (Twitter)
The PageDAO ReadMe Books NFTBook Minter is designed to give PageDAO Members the opportunity to collaborate in the creation of an NFTBook Collection the DAO owns on 1/3 of Royalties received by the DAO go to buy $PAGE. This open source technology is in beta, and does not like large files.

Readl  (Twitter)
Experience, collect and trade digital stories while supporting your favourite authors

Publishing (Articles/Newsletters)

Mirror  (Twitter)
Built on web3 for web3, Mirror’s robust publishing platform pushes the boundaries of writing online—whether it’s the next big white paper or a weekly community update.

Paragraph  (Twitter)
Write content, grow your audience and foster a community - no matter if your readers are on web2 or web3.

Instant web3 publications for writers, DAOs, and any Ethereum-based account.